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  Website designer Sydney Jokinen has been amazing to work with. In a very short time she built an incredibly eye catching and effective website. At Southern Shores Builders, we feel blessed to have found such a talented, enthusiastic, and dependable expert in this industry. We look forward to a long relationship with Sydney and would recommend her to anyone looking to built an amazing website.


co-owner, Southern Shores Builders


   I have known Sydney for a few years. She is younger than I am and by that I mean cooler. That is how she always struck me: this beautiful, interesting, cool kid from my neighborhood. When she said she could help me with my website, I secretly scoffed inside, "Yeah sure, I have spent thousands of dollars already to have a website that I hate with search engine optimization at subzero. There is no way you can help me. I am beyond help." That is what I thought until the day Sydney showed up at my door with a folder and a plan. THE WOMAN HAD A FOLDER WITH MY WEBSITE PLAN. I don't even have a folder with a plan. I know kind of what I want...but not how to get there. All I know is that until Sydney saved me, my website journey had been filled with detours, road blocks, falling rock, and pitfalls at every turn. I even ran into some bandits. I trusted no one. And then Sydney Jokinen of PICKLES & OLIVER changed my whole world around.

   I cannot believe my good fortune to know this brilliant, professional, creative, tech savvy woman. Sydney ditched the hideous template I was stuck in and created a cohesive and interesting destination - a little world of a website that you can get lost in for hours, but still know exactly where you are. She worked tirelessly and meticulously. She guided me in the process to understand how to add to my site when needed and was able to solve all of the technological difficulties I was having. On the very rare occasion that she didn't know offhand how to fix something, she knew how to find the answers. Her confidence and expertise astounded me.

   I dare say she is a web savant. She understands it with an elegance and effortlessness that doesn't make a bit of sense to me. I look at HTML and see goobly guk, but Sydney makes music happen. My new website is everything that I wanted. It is custom, interesting, alive, colorful, full of information, easy to navigate and still whimsical, quirky, and fun. The process of working with Sydney was a pleasure; she made me feel like my website was important to her and every step of the way I knew I was in good hands. Do yourself a favor. Invite Pickles & Oliver into your life.

   Revamp your web might just win the internet! Check out Pickles & Oliver here or fall in love with my site ED HOSE illustration here.


owner, ED Hose Illustration

  My website is the most beautiful website I have ever seen. Sydney was so on top of it. After a brief meeting (when she has a list of comprehensive questions to ask), she quickly created the bones of a website that grew into something amazing in a flash. I am beyond impressed with her professionalism. To make it even better, Syd made the experience so much fun. I highly, highly recommend Sydney to help anyone with a very professional website.


owner, Gene Charlotte - Master Plumber

   My business partner and I recently decided to have Ms. Jokinen assist us with branding and developing an integrated website and brochure design as well as business cards. We were both extremely impressed thoughout the entire process with Sydney’s responsiveness to our changing requirements.  As a couple of gentlemen who know little about the art of marketing, Sydney was our savior and extremely professional and patient with us. Bottom line is she delivered a great product on time using her creative skills to really assist us in establishing a very professional look to our website and marketing material. 

   The one trait I really appreciated was her gift to listen to what we were attempting to accomplish with our site and then using her design talents, creating a great site that is simple yet very informative to potential clients.  If you are looking for a responsive, creative talent to facilitate your overall branding strategy, you need to give Ms. Jokinen a call.  She is extremely client oriented and ready to jump in and provide the kind of advice new business owners need to hear.  I highly recommend her services. You will be impressed.


COO, Wyo Hydro Blast

   I never in a million years expected Wyo Hydro Blast to have a professional website that would rival large industry. We could not have done it without Sydney and Pickles and Oliver! From start to finish, I was exceedingly impressed. Sydney's professionalism, knowledge of her field and creativity are second to none. She took time to get to know the company's mission and industry. She developed the absolute perfect site.

   I have heard it said you can have it fast or you can have it good, but you cannot have both. With Pickles and Oliver, our website was up in no time and professional from day one. I was very pleased with how easy it is to work with Sydney. Within hours of the website going live, we gave feedback.  Sydney was prompt and professional in her responses. She continued to refine and adjust the site until it was absolutely perfect. We emailed our questions, adjustments and suggestions to her and within hours the page was refined, questions were answered and we at Wyo Hydro Blast, LLC were exceedingly impressed.

   The initial image potential clients see is a professional website which showcases our business. Our website needed to show our potential customers what Wyo Hydro Blast is, and what services we can provide. Sydney knocked the cover off the ball with our site!!! Not only did the website look AMAZING on day one, it also looked AWESOME on all mobile devices! Given our target market, the ability to show potential clients our website on a phone or tablet with a mobile friendly site is outstanding.

   I am proud, as the CEO of Wyo Hydro Blast, LLC, to show everyone I know (and complete strangers) our website!!! We have proudly emblazoned on every piece of marketing material we have! If you want to start your business, expand your business, or just bring your business into the electronic age, hire Pickles and Oliver. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to have a high quality website developed. Like I told Sydney, "I cannot say enough good things about your work! Never in a million years did I think we would have such a professional site."


CEO, Wyo Hydro Blast

   Sydney is amazing.  We unconditionally recommend her for any project you have in mind.  We belong to the analog generation. What impressed us the most is her ability to "hear" what we are saying.  Sydney has helped us from conception to the actual pushing of the button to launch the website. And never once did she make us feel inadequate.    


   Her creativity, vision, and application of both is second to none.  We have been in business for many years and have interviewed many web designers.  We never utilized any services until we met Sydney.  The moment we saw her website, we knew she was perfect for us. 


   Her work is efficient, accurate, and timely.  She is polite and respectful.  We can't say enough about her work and her character!!


founder, Project Communication

   Sydney and Pickles & Oliver did such an amazing job on my new website! She didn't just rebuild my site after a catastrophic crash, she worked with me to completely redesign and rebrand Curious Moon Puppets.

   Sydney is extremely professional and FAST and patient. She put up with all my pickiness until the site looked and functioned just how I wanted it to. Sydney is also extremely knowledgeable about how websites and search engines function. Her advice was invaluable and came at such a reasonable price.


owner, Curious Moon Puppets

   Pickles & Oliver delivered a logo beyond what I hoped for. I gave very vauge suggestions but Sydney was able to see the vision of my work and make a logo to fit perfectly. No challenge or design change was too difficult. She created a very clean and classy logo. I can't wait to start putting it on everything.



owner, Concrete Etc by EDL

   It's not every day you find someone as excited about your passion as you. Sydney was amazing and helpful from the get-go in translating my idea on the screen. Such a pleasure to work with and 'Mama' will be back for more. Much love. 


owner, Mama Gone Strong

   contacted Sydney needing a label for my budding guitar business. Something I could place in the instruments to let people know they were crafted with care. I didn't have anything concrete in mind to start with...


   Sydney asked me questions and was able to determine exactly what I needed. She was able to get back to me quickly with a label that was better than I ever could have imagined. It was exactly what I was looking for.


   Top notch service, top notch product. I highly recommend Pickles & Oliver.



owner, Sargent Stringed Instruments

   Pickles and Oliver designed everything I wanted in a website for Friends of Glynn Animals. Sydney at Pickles and Oliver is brilliant and is truly a genius. I was clueless as to what to do and she took over and did it all in one day and it came out perfect. I recommend Pickles and Oliver to EVERYONE and always will! Please give her your will not be sorry. Thank you Sydney for everything you have done for me and the animals of Glynn County!


president, Friends of Glynn Animals

   Sydney is responsive, intuitive, and sensitive. She knows her stuff, but creates space for the client to really put their signature on the work. She communicates clearly, is well-organized, and incredibly helpful in assisting clients with making decisions about their design. So glad I worked with her!


owner, Mandy Thompson Art

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