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Design: Logo


Flip that and you've got my approach to logo design.

   That's right...there's a method to this madness and that method is called The Interrogation. (It's not nearly as medieval as it sounds. I'm sorry if that disappoints you.) It's a series of 15 questions that I have developed to give me a succinct and uncanny insight into who you are, what you do, and why you're so special. Aww, isn't that sweet? And kind of creepy?

   Once I know what you envision for your brand and what sets you apart (your "unique selling proposition"), we'll get to start the real science: market, demographic, and competition research. It might sound boring, but I like it. When I have done a sufficient amount of research and a little bit of spying, we'll pow-wow about a branding strategy, nail down some advantageous colors (yes, there is a science to how humans perceive color), and start work on your logo, logotype, tagline, and custom graphics. It requires a lot of back and forth, but I promise that the more involved you are in the process the happier you will be with the result.


   Pricing depends on your project requirements, but logo design services begin at $250.


   So let's recap what you'll get and what I can do for you:


          The Interrogation


         market, demographic, and competition research


         brand strategy including USP, SWOT analysis, and mapping


         logo and logotype design until you find something you love


         digital collateral, which can include or exceed:

         email signatures

         cohesive and comprehensive social media themes

         Constant Contact templates for b2b and b2c

Design: Print
Design: Web
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   I can help you create everything from promotional items to products: business cards, postcards, brochures, manuals, book covers, apparel, product packaging, and more. I can also design ads for printing in magazines, newspapers, online, and social media campaigns. 


   Print design is included with most logo or web design services or it can be independent. Pricing depends on what type or how many types of items you require.

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   So the good news is that if you missed out on The Inquisition because you already have a brand and logo that you like, don't worry! You get to undergo its big brother, The Inquisition, which is the 30 question mac-daddy version. It will help me get an idea of what you envision for your existing brand, what you need in a website, what it should look like, and how it should function. It will also help me decide if you need to be on a content management system (CMS), which would enable you to change specific portions of the site if information changes.

   I'll need lots of input on your hopes and dreams for the site at the beginning, but just like with branding, the more detailed feedback you continue to give me throughout the process the happier you'll be with your website ultimately. We want to taste your fingers in it. Or does that only work with pies?

   Here's a general list of what you can get with web design services:


          The Inquisition


          a fully functioning website and mobile site that you can't shut up about


          custom graphics, buttons, and art


          social media navigation links


          cohesive and integrated blog design


          Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


          Content Management System (CMS) if needed


          e-commerce for small business


          Google Anatlyics and/or Webmaster Tools accounts


          my continued website and emotional support

   I fully realize that some of the most deserving and interesting projects don't have the budget required to execute them properly and that's where I'd like to help. Don't hesitate to contact me with an overview of your project and the amount you'd like to pay. You might be surprised what I can make happen, especially if it is a unique creative opportunity or a deserving cause. I'm not above bartering for pelts. In fact, pelts might be a preferred form of payment.


   But to give you an overall idea, here are a couple of packages:




You have a business or rad talents and you want to give your clients a little landing page to see what you're all about. You only really want home, about, and contact pages and somewhere for your clients to connect with you on social media, but you also want it to completely capture your aestethic and it can't break the bank. What is this, Fantasyland? Today it is!


Price:  $750  (plus domain cost and monthly hosting)



Look that up, seriously. That price is insane. Small business websites that are built by design firms use templates that they plug your logo and information into and then charge you $1,500 at the lowest. The "Lil Bit" is a completely customized website, built from a blank page to match your branding flawlessly.




You don't just want the basics. You want something special with content customized to your business, specifically targeting your clients. Your website needs to be a destination full of information and interactive awesomeness. In addition to home, about, and contact pages, you should also be thinking about services, a portfolio, testimonials, and other specialized sections. It will be certifiably da bomb.


Price:  $1,500-$3,000  (plus domain cost and monthly hosting)



The "Big Kahuna" is a really comfortable middle ground in terms of websites. Comparable prices with other design firms range from $3,000 to $6,000. Say what?!




This website is going to be your baby. You don't just want the basic pages and some specialized ones as well; you want to go the whole nine yards and incorporate a store, a blog, a small city? I don't know! This is the buzzing hub of your internet empire. I will stay up at night pondering how to make your website more unique and functional and when I finally do close my eyes to sleep, your website will be burned into my retinas.


Price:  dependent on size and scope  (plus domain cost and monthly hosting)



Other design firms do these kind of sites with a team of designers. I, however, put the "i" in team. The first website that I designed came about because I spoke to numerous web design experts and asked for estimates. Their answers ranged from $15,000 to $30,000. I pondered why the project would cost the GDP of a small nation, hooked myself into the internet like Neo learned karate in The Matrix, and made a website. Don't ask how many hours it took; I'll cry.

   If an estimated package looks roughly like what you want but there's something in it that you don't need or there's something you want to add, let's have some speaks about it. Everything is negotiable. If you are a generally cool person, I will throw in extra free services, sweat, and tears. There are situations in which I will accept bartering as partial payment from family, friends, cool people, and uncool people.



          custom email addresses


          Google+ page creation


          Facebook business page creation


          e-commerce abilities (either on-site or integrated)


          login protected pages


          updatable and subscribable events calendar


          site search


          social media feed


          on-site appointment booking


          polling capability


          directly submitted testimonials


          quote forms


          more stuff


* Some of these are free, some have free versions and monthly charged premium versions, and some I charge to do.



          custom graphics, buttons, and art


          social media navigation links


          Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


          Google Analytics and/or Webmaster Tools accounts


          mobile website optimization

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