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I'm the kind of person who wants to carry all the grocery bags in on one trip and I will do anything to make it happen. (As long as the bread goes on the top; we're not animals, people.) I'm lazy, so lazy that it is a creative art form in and of itself. I like the challenge of making a single thing, sometimes myself, do so much heavy lifting - literal or metaphorical - that it requires a well thought-out strategy. Do I probably lose more time making that strategy than I would have lost by making a couple trips? Probably. Viva la vida lazy!

Every time I begin a new design project, I have have a list of questions that I ask the client. A lof of them probably think, "Is she crazy, thorough, or both?" I hope the answer is both and the proof is in the pudding: the more you do on the front end, the better the back end is. And who doesn't appreciate a nice back end? Ahem.

My hope is that this blog will be a simple tool based on my methods, opinions, and research - all carefully curated for my clients and anyone else who might find it useful. Digital design and advertising can be daunting, especially with all the lingo floating around out there. I want to elucidate, elaborate, enucleate, and expound! When I started, I started at the bottom. I mucked around with HTML in high school and took one class on advertising in college. When I say I'm self-taught, "taught" might be too strong of a word. But I've been doing marketing for a few years now and I've been doing web design for slightly over one year, so on the internet, that qualifies me as an expert...if I tell you I'm an expert. But I'm here to tell you that I'm not an expert. I'm just someone who does a lot of research, a little bit of application, and has strong beliefs that blogs should have fully-justified text. So what will my fully-justified text contain?

+ what I consider best practices for doing the kind of web design I do

+ the evolution of the process I use to help clients brand their businesses

+ design things of a design nature

+ logos I make up for companies that don't exist

+ social media strategies and tips that I've found helpful

+ how much I hate Twitter

+ cool stuff you can do in GIMP

...and whatever else I come up with along the way.


  I'm Sydney: a branding enthusiast, web design maven, and social media mad scientist. This blog is a design and marketing resource for creative entrepreneurs as well as a space for exploring the "behind the scenes" of my own design process and portfolio. Read more...

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