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Portfolio: Brunswick Stewdio

There is this new magical place in downtown Brunswick, Georgia called the Brunswick Stewdio. It is an amazing mixing of minds between creative people who are going support each other, enrich the community, and generally be artistically awesome in a shared space. I got my own little portion of that shared space:

People are 50/50 on the chairs being comfy and there's a top half, I promise.

I am so excited to be a part of this endeavor in my really neat little town. It's a promising space, a great idea, and an absolutely inspirational group of people. I had the joyous opportunity to get to know my fellow #StewCrew members by making a website, including an individual page for each creative and their creative pursuits. I got to know everyone the stalker-y web design way! Mmm, my favorite. Check out the website or you can stop by and see us and do your own stalker-y thing!


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