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I work with a lot of people and I just have to say, planners are so easy to work with! Staci is the owner and lead planner with SPR Events, so naturally, she's very organized; I love that. Oh, and another huge plus? The photos of their events are absolutely beautiful!

I mean, seriously. Who can not help but smile getting to look at colors like these?

I had a fun time working on this website and Staci had a lot of great ideas (like this conversational contact page) that were a great excuse to learn how to do things outside of the box. That contact page is a particular favorite of mine because working in the event industry, I know that people have a hard time knowing what information you need to estimate a price. Staci's brilliant idea for a unique contact form not only gently leads her clients to answer all of her questions, but it's a cute and friendly way to do it! I like when functionality and personality can be combined so well. And I think that's exactly what this site is overall; it's a snapshot of what it's like to work with the fun and professional people at SPR Events!

What was your favorite part of the process?

The ease of working with Sydney was my favorite part of the process. I have a limited knowledge of websites and SEO and everything else that building a website entails, but definitely could not have done this on my own. Sydney was extremely helpful in helping me streamline my ideas, and was able to point out what would work and be beneficial to my site, and what things wouldn't be worth our time. I was very hands-on in the process, and anytime I had a question or idea, Sydney was very quick to respond to my email. That made my life a lot less stressful, as we were working with a short timeline as my business was set to launch soon after I hired her.

What was the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was picking the photos I wanted to use and perfecting the copy for my website. Seriously, Sydney took care of everything else, and even helped with these two areas of the website as well.

What turned out better than you expected?

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my website to look like overall, but the way she brought all of my ideas together and the little touches that Sydney added, just made it all the better. Adding photos here and there that tied in nicely with my color palette and brand, matching the fonts to my existing logo, using images from my gallery instead of stock photos; all of those things went a long way to adding a personal touch to my website.

Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting out visualizing their website?

Have a clear picture of how you want your company to be perceived and the audience you want to reach before you even begin thinking about your website. Spend some time playing with a vision board, either on Pinterest or poster board and magazine clippings, and see what you're drawn to over and over again. See what colors are the common colors, what styles and fonts you're pinning repeatedly, then ask yourself if those images reflect who you are as a business owner and how you want your target clients to see your company. Once you have a streamlined idea of the look and feel, then the rest will come pretty easy. Oh, and always, always, always carry that through to all of your social media outlets so that you're putting out a cohesive brand. Sydney can definitely help you with all of this!


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