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There are some small business owners that put in the extra effort to not only make their businesses special, but to affect the world around them. One of those place is The Cottage, a gift gallery in the historic district of Jekyll Island, Georgia. Molly, the owner, approached me about doing a website for her, but like her store, it had to be different. It had to be impactful. And it had to help her spread the ideas of Free Trade and Made in the USA as viable and important for the tourist industry here locally. Molly does an amazing job of thoughtfully picking items that will not only remind people of their time on Jekyll Island, but will also of the people who create goods with love and hardwork. I love a woman with a vision!

The building is the old doctor's cottage and is chockful of charm.

Part of what makes The Cottage so special is the building itself, so I came up with a plan to make the website reminiscent of walking through the shop. It would remind tourists of their vacation state of mind when they originally visited or perhaps take new visitors to a happy place as well! It was a challenge to pull off, but with the help of panoramic photography and a bit of creativity, we made it happen. Now you can browse The Cottage just like you would in person and we've highlighted some of the best sellers - all available to be shipped to your home.


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