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Portfolio: Ashley Kelley Hair Life

There are some people who have jobs they love and then there are people who not only love their jobs, but are truly gifted. That's definitely Ashley! She has such a passion for people and just loves to make them happy, so it was truly my pleasure to make her a tool to revamp her image within her career. We started with a new logo...

...and trust me when I say that the design process was as fun with Ashley as the logo looks! She came in with an idea (I think she and Nichole of Flash & Flare Photography pow-wowed over it) to include a pair of shears in the logo. So of course we made that happen! From there, it was about a one week process to get her website designed, approved, and launched! We wanted to get it launched in time for her return to work after having her absolutely precious baby girl. And not only did we get it done in time, but we got it done about a week early.

Here's what Ashley had to say about her experience...

What was your favorite part of the process?

My favorite part was realizing that my business is more than just doing hair. It's about having a relationship with my clients and having a functioning website will help me to bridge that gap.

What was the biggest challenge?

Biggest challenge for me was trusting someone that doesn't know me inside and out. I was afraid it would be difficult for anyone to design something just for me and my personality but I was so wrong!!

What turned out better than you expected?

The overall experience was better than I expected. I was worried for no reason I'm the end. I absolutely am in love with my website, I've viewed it at least 100 times in 2 days!!!

Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting out visualizing their website?

My advice is be as honest as you can during the interrogation; it's an important process. Also, if you are always needing to be in control like myself, just let it go. Trusting Sydney was so easy. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process.


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