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I recently got the opportunity to help Angelica's Cleaning Service - a local business that was established in 2000 - create their first real logo! That's a huge honor, but also a unique challenge. A business that is 21 years old definitely already has a "feel" and it can take some time and finesse to determine just what it is, but luckily, The Interrogation got it done in record time. (We're talking about just a few days.)

In addition to some very important information about the business, its competitors, and its target market, the owner and her "brand ambassador" (tech helper for emails, who also clearly has a great design-eye) were very clear about their vision for the established business' look and feel. The Interrogation helped them narrow it down to bold, classic, detailed, professional, traditional, and trustworthy. Talk about succinct! They were also inspired by one of my previous designs and wanted to tie a "tool" in with the business name. Easy peasy! A vivid red, brushed gold leaf, and vintage catalog illustration balance traditional with modern and bold with detailed. It's personal, but professional. Think we nailed it?


We expanded the branding a bit in with a set of business card options. I love to make a few fronts and backs for each business cards design so that clients can mix and match to fit their needs as their business grows! With a branding suite of images for the business' Facebook page and an email signature, this business now pops visually. It's never too late to make your business personal and recognizable! Let me know how I can help you tackle this quick and easy project.


Branding an established business can be even easier than a new business! You already know what your clients appreciate most about what you do, so all we have to do is put a face to that idea. Don't let inertia or apprehension keep you from giving your business the image or refresh that it deserves.

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